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Social Activities

The Initiative taken by Shri R. B. Suryavanshi, Senior Chief Executive of B.G. Shirke Construction Technology Pvt. Ltd. and Past Chairman and General Council Member of BAI, Pune Centre and the Builders’ Association of India (BAI), Pune Centre for providing toilet facility for girl students in village and remote areas.

Therefore, it is an accepted fact that the creation of toilet facility, particularly for girl students in schools across the country at remote areas and villages, has now become a very burning issue of social and national importance and hence it needs to be addressed on top priority.

It is, indeed, a very sorry state of affairs that such unpleasant and undesirable situation exists in India, particularly when we are now in the 71st Year of our Independence.

The then President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, had expressed concern over poor sanitation conditions in Indian cities and called for immediate remedial measures through effective actions.

The Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhiji, said that, “Sanitation is as important as political freedom”. Even 70 years after independence, static regarding sanitation speaks otherwise. Now is the time for action.

Our Hon’ble Prime Minister is also constantly emphasizing and appealing all to join hands with “SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN”.

In full consonance with all above and after reading such news and articles on the subject, during the year 2013-14, Shri Suryavanshi took up this matter in one of the meetings of Builders’ (Contractors’) Association of India (BAI), Pune Centre and expressed to all the Members that, on our BAI-Pune Centre platform, we should take up construction of toilet blocks for the girl students in remote areas and villages, at least one or two toilet blocks every year, as a social responsibility. Accordingly, all the Members agreed to this suggestion, in principle.

In 2013 (even before the announcement of “SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN”) to begin with, Shri Suryavanshi came forward with intense desire to sponsor and construct a few toilet blocks, as a personal social obligation.

The members of BAI Pune Centre appreciated the initiative and extended full support by providing the senior most member for monitoring the progress; and the work of first toilet block was started in 2013 at Warje-Pune, which was opened for use on 10th January 2014, where about 200 girl students from Primary School and High School were benefitted.

During the year 2014-15, when he was the Chairman of BAI Pune Centre, it was once again impressed upon the Past Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Managing Committee / General Council Members of BAI Pune Centre the most imperative need of coming forward to sponsor this social cause, and all wholeheartedly supported and agreed to participate in this social work and thus unanimously decided to continue with construction of a few toilet blocks in remote areas every year through the Pune Centre also.

It was expressed to all the Members of Association that he will continue to sponsor this social activity on his own and let that activity be treated as our Pune Centre’s activity. Accordingly, the second toilet block was constructed at Koyali-Pune, which was opened for use on 20th January 2015, where about 111 girl students were benefitted; and third toilet block was constructed at Palu, Taluka Khed, District Pune, which was opened for use on 15th February 2016, where about 127 girl students were benefitted.

Thus, through BAI-Pune Centre platform, three toilet blocks, as stated above, have been constructed so far at his personal level during the last five years in remote areas.

We glad to state that some of the toilet blocks, which are in use for the last 2-3 years, were inspected by our team; and as promised by the school authorities, they have maintained the same properly.

A booklet, containing relevant articles, request letters from the school authorities, photographs of six toilet blocks constructed and appreciation letters from the school authorities and media news, is enclosed herewith for kind perusal.

The toilet blocks, which are constructed and being constructed, are having built-up area of about 105 sq. ft. and each costing about Rs. 3.25 lacs, except third one, which is having about 175 square feet area, costing about Rs. 4.5 lacs and are having continuous water-supply and drainage disposal system.

The end users, the school staff and the public in general appreciated our initiative in fulfilling this social commitment of constructing these toilet blocks.

The BAI Headquarters appreciated the initiative taken by the Shri R.B. Suryavanshi and the BAI Pune Centre for doing their humble bit towards this social commitment.

We are sure, the other NGOs and Centers of BAI will take inspiration from Pune Centre and come forward to do this social activity.

We are sure, this small contribution towards social commitment at personal and institutional level in remote areas and villages will be a great source of inspiration to others.

Social Activities

Through BAI Pune Centre so far following these toilet blocks have been constructed in villages and remote areas:

Preserving trees is an obligation for everyone without exception, one tree will absorb approximately a ton of carbon dioxide during the course of its life cycle.

Plants filter pollutants, absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and help fight soil erosion. Planting a tree or two will also help reduce your carbon footprint. When positioned properly, trees can help cut energy costs all year.The trees do so by cooling the environments through their leaves absorbing beaming of the sun, cooling the atmosphere and preserving warmth when harsh winds occur. Trees lower the air temperature by regulating the intensity of the heat through minimizing the levels of carbon dioxide produced.

In order to feed the ever increasing population of the Earth, trees and forests areconverted to farm lands. This has become a threat to the world and it has been seen thatrates of decline in the forests are increasing at a rapid rate. This has led the planet to warmup and leading to high temperatures.

Most people assume that global warming is caused by burning oil and gas. But infact between 25 and 30 percent of the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere eachyear – 1.6 billion tonns – is caused by deforestation.

Today Forests have undergone decline and shrinkage. Forests in Tamil Nadu have been neglected and destroyed by modernization, Industrialization and legislation. Also, threatened because of increasing pressure from population and livestock. Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram of Tamil Nadu, are sufferers of poverty and vulnerability due to critical climatic change today. Without wind and fresh air, the body is more vulnerable to attacks by disease.

Tree-planting is the process of transplanting tree seedlings, generally for forestry, land reclamation, or landscaping purpose. It differs from the transplantation of larger trees in arboriculture, and from the lower cost but slower and less reliable distribution of tree seeds.Tree planting can restore global warming.Tree-planting involves planting seedlings over an area of land where the forest has been harvested or damaged by fire, disease or human activity. Tree planting is carried out in many different parts of the world, and strategies may differ widely across nations and regions and among individual reforestation companies. Tree planting is grounded in forest science, and if performed properly can result in the successful regeneration of a deforested area.

There are some tree plantation programs, campaigns ,events and movements that are going on across the world . Similarly a Tree Plantation Drive was organized by the Builders’ Association India – Pune Centre.

This Drive was Organized on 12th August 2018 at a Village called Kadus , near Chakan,Pune. This special event took place with the help of the Builders’ Association India – Pune Centre team Members atDr. R B Krishnani's Farm House in Kadus Village, Chakan, Pune.

The Chairman of BAI Pune Mr. Pradeep Garge along with the Vice Chairman Mr.Manoj Deshmukh and their colleagues from the Association majorly contributed at this Tree Plantation Drive. With the help of Hon.SecretaryMr. Ashok Atkekar and Hon. Treasurer Mr. Rajendra R Gandhi of BAI Pune and the entire team,they were successfully planted hundreds of plants in and surrounding areas of the village.

All the important Members of the G.C. Committee of the BAI Association also contributed to the tree plantation drive. Many Important G.C. Members of the Association who contributed in the drive were –

Mr. D.S. Shirole, Mr. R B Suryawanshi, Mr. C.S. Parhar, Mr. Jagannath Jadhav, Mr. Jaideep Raje, Mr. Mahesh Mirani, Mr. Siddharth Janak Shah.

The Association also had a few helping hands by their very own Past Vice Presidents Mr. Ranjeet More and Mr.R.B .Krishnani. They also had a fellow M.C. Member Mr. S.I. Chunkhare helping them plant saplings in the Village.

The entire Team landed this drive successfully as they were able to plant hundreds of saplings of several different kind of species throughout the village. Addressing the gathering on the occasion, the team of BAI Pune appealed the villagers to take part in the plantation program and taught many local villagers the process of plantation .

The Team then appealed the residents to ensure the saplings healthy nurturing.They appealed the residents to adopt the saplings near their homes for the survival and healthy growth of the trees for creating a purer and much healthier environment for their children and grandchildren.

The Chairman then Appreciated the entire team of Builders’ Association India - Pune for taking such an initiative towards making or society’s surrounding greener and helping to make the world a better place to live in.

Social Activities

Through BAI Pune Centre, so far following three toilet blocks have been constructed in villages and remote areas:


    Group Photographs of BAI Pune Centre members present for Tree Plantation Programme


    Planting of Tree by Mr. Ashok Atkekar – Hon. Secretary BAI Pune Centre


    Planting of Tree by Dr. R B Krishnani – Past Vice President (West Zone)


    Planting of Tree by Mr. Sham Chunkhare – Past Chairman BAI Pune Centre


    Planting of Tree by Mr. Manoj Deshmukh – Vice Chairman BAI Pune Centre