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A few decades ago it was felt that the Association should give due recognition to good quality works being done by fellow contractors, constructors, and builders. This would help not only to enhance the image of the construction industry but also be a source of inspiration to all fellow contractors also for improvement and betterment of their work. With this primary intention BAI Pune Centre instituted these awards and declared this competition in the year 1997. The awards have gained reputation and standing only because of the meticulous evaluation of works by Independent Panel of Juries to decide award winning work.
A team of leading consultants, architects & engineers form a panel of juries. They first check all the entries and after presentation at BAI Office, Panel of Juries physically visit eac site checking the works, assess the project from various aspects of construction methods and techniques utilized. With the main stress on Quality, Speed, Economy Safety &Welfare achieved, the winners in each category are arrived at.

Competition CATEGORIES

Residential (bungalow, row houses, standalone buildings)
Residential (housing complex)
Commercial (malls, office, institution, hotel, hospital, cinema)
Industrial (any size, any type)

Infrastructure (bridges, flyovers, ESR etc.)
Well equipped, well mechanized site
Government, Semi-Govt., Public Works
Work upto Cold Shell (includes RCC, Masonry and Plaster works)


  • Entries are invited from any person or organization engaged in construction. Any Individual, Company, Firm, Joint Venture, Turnkey contractors, Promoters and Developers engaged in construction activity can participate.

  • The Individual, Company, Firm, Joint Venture, Turnkey contractor, Promoter or Developer must be from in and around Pune OR nearby centres of BAI namely Ahmednagar, Baramati, Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Nashik, Phaltan, Sangali, Satara, Solapur, Sangamner and Ulhasnagar.

  • The Applicant must be a member of BAI. Those who are not members can become members now.

  • The applicant must have major role in the execution of project.

  • The project entered in previous competition shall not be considered.

  • The project for which nomination is given must be within 250 Km from Pune.

  • Work must be nearing completion and shall have commenced preferably not before january 2017.


  • Please indicate the ‘category’ on the entry form. You may propose one project for two Categories by filling-in two separate entry forms. The category will be subject to confirmation by the Juries.

  • Government contracts have a different administrative and economic set up. The Government works are executed under very special circumstances w.r.t. hardships in rates, specifications, locations, time, decisions, changes and accounts. The applicant in this category must be a registered contractor.

  • With the increasing number of participants from neighbouring BAI Centres, special consideration will be given to entries from this categories .

  • Juries’ recommendation award is not mandatory and may not be given every year. It a provision to award a deserving project which otherwise cannot be awarded for some technical or administrative reason. Please do not consider that as a category.

  • All the details in the entry form should be duly filled in. Please note ‘mandatory information’ required. The supporting photographs, documents, certificates and other appropriate details and data should accompany the entry form, where possible. The entry form and the supporting documents shall be well bound or filed. Other data shall be presented during the site visit of the Panel of Juries.

  • Entry fee per entry, to be paid along with the application, is (Rs.25, 000/- + GST@ 18% and other taxes as applicable) Please issue cheque in favour of “Builders’ Association of India Pune Centre”.

  • Return the application following the schedule provided below.

  • Each entry form shall be evaluated. Invalid entries will be returned and the entry fee shall be refunded.

  • You are required to give a presentation of the Project before the Panel of Juries in not more than 30 minutes which shall include power point presentation and video if any. (Copy of presentation should be submitted to BAI Office at least 10 days before the presentation date. Video should be in AVI Format only).

  • Date‘s of Project Presentation and Site Visit of the Panel of Juries will be informed to the Contact person of the Applicant, in advance.


  • Panel of eminent experts in the fields of Civil Engineering, Structural Designs, Building Services, Project Management, Architecture and Building Services and Green Building Consultants as well as Construction Safety are appointed as juries.

  • Juries will scrutinize the entries, after they are received and applicants will be informed to give presentation of selected entries to the panel of Juries. Entries will be shortlisted after the presentation for site visit.

  • There are 100 marks for each projects in which 20 marks for Presentation & 80 marks for Site Visit.

  • The entry shall be judged during the site visit and assessed particularly with the view of Quality, Speed, Economy, Safety and Welfare, documents and record maintained right from the beginning. Other aspects such as workmanship, innovative construction techniques, site management, monitoring methods, health and hygiene of workmen at site, training and motivational programs conducted etc. shall also be considered.

  • Implementation of various Green Building Concepts in construction process will be given more weightage while evaluation.

  • All projects sites will be visited by the Panel of Juries. The date and time for site visit will be informed to the applicant well in advance. The contact person as detailed in the entry form will only be contacted in this context.

  • To select the entry/entries for the citation is not binding on panel of Juries. Minimum entries are necessary for citation of the award in that category. If no suitable entry is found in the category, the award may be cancelled.

  • Evaluation is done through standard assessment sheets by each Jury member separately and is kept confidential. This data is not available for review or discussion. Decision of the Panel of Juries will be final.

  • Award function will be held on Friday, 20th, December 2019 at Pune.


  • Applicants are expected to make 30 minutes presentation of the project for the Panel of Juries. Where possible, provide video recording of the project (max. 10 minutes duration, in AVI format) to supplement the power point presentation.

  • PPT should be submitted in pen-drive with 2 hardcopies.

  • Photographs of project execution from excavation to finish.

  • Labour Camp & Safety measures taken for projects.

  • New methodology / Techniques adopted for time & economy constrains.

  • Methods for selection of construction materials & quality.

Shirke Awards


The awards will be declared and distributed during the grand WBSC Award Ceremony. The award is in the form of a trophy and a certificate. The high standing trophy depicts a firm foundation on which the WBSC stands. Today, the trophy with BAI logo on the top is a proud display in many offices of the winners of previous years. It is also a source of inspiration to the visitors to receive this award.


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